About Tom Ockler, P.T.

Physical Therapist – Manual Therapy Specialist


I employ a very eclectic combination of Non-Manipulative Manual Therapies, Biomechanics, and Cranio-Sacral Therapy. In addition, I use extensive stabilization strategies to ensure that your problem does not recur. I do not waste your time and money with hot pacs or ultrasound.

Clinical Experience:

Over 40 years of uninterrupted clinical experience.


1978 B.S. P.T. State University of New York at Buffalo.

Continuing Education:

Over 750 hours of continuing education; 85% in : Manual Therapy, Biomechanics, Cranio-Sacral Therapy.

International teaching experience in:

Australia, Canada, and throughout the United States of America

How I Got Here:

People always ask how I gravitated to an “alternative/non-traditional” approach to patient care. As with all the paths less traveled that we take in our lives, this one took over 40 years of uninterrupted clinical experience, but was very enlightening.

I started out as an administrator/Physical Therapist way back in 1978 when I moved from the Buffalo N.Y. area to Northeast Ohio. After ten years of traditional Physical Therapy practice consisting of hot pacs, ultrasound and electric stim etc.,  I became very burned-out and frankly disappointed with my patient outcomes. If the patient got better I really couldn’t say why.

By this time I was in my mid-thirties and developed a gradually increasing back pain which no matter who I went to (and believe me I went to a lot of different practitioners), I continued to have worsening back pain. Osteopaths, chiropractic, Physical Therapy, injections, medications, Massage therapy…..nothing helped.

Around this same time I was taking continuing education courses as is required by Ohio law and I ended up taking a Muscle Energy course. It was at this 4-day course, that my lab partner, who was as “green” at this approach as I, eliminated 85% of the back pain that I had for at least three years. I had to learn more about this approach!

The Instructor of the course, Dale Alexander PhD LMT (who, to this day, I feel was the best instructor I ever had), saw such enthusiasm for the techniques in me and recognized a “natural born gene” to teach what I find inspiring, that he encouraged me to get on the teaching track where I was introduced to several other non-traditional approaches to somatic dysfunction as we taught throughout the United States. These experiences along with the teaching experiences I had throughout Australia and Canada led me to be the practitioner that I am today.

Now, over a quarter of a century later, I must remember that this path is ongoing. I must continue to refine my techniques and keep an open mind as I travel down new or “old” paths in the search for the knowledge to help my patients live pain free, productive lives.

Internationally Recognized Physical Therapist, Teacher and Author Tom Ockler, P.T. Tom Ockler, P.T. is a highly sought after international presenter who gives continuing education courses demonstrating his techniques to eliminate musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.


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