"What makes your practice so different?"

There are several things that really separate us from traditional therapy clinics.

  • Each patient gets one hour of my undivided attention if they need it. You do not share me with multiple other patients at the same time.
  • We DON’T double or triple you up with other patients. This means you get one on one attention with a licensed professional.  No rushing you in and out.
  • People usually end up at my door because they have tried traditional methods unsuccessfully and just want to be free of pain.
  • Doctors send me patients exclusively because my techniques are so effective.
  • I average 3-4 visits to reach the goals for pain reduction not 10-20 or more.
  • Recent chart audits from a group of 5 doctors show that we took 2.52 visits to get all 46 of their patients pain free. Compare that with 10-20 visits with a traditional therapy approach.
  • There are very few body workers in the USA with the skill level to get consistently reproducible positive results.
  • I am a published author on these highly effective techniques.
  • We don’t use hot pacs or ultrasound in our clinic. They are grossly over-used and of little value for most disorders.
  • Our approach is "hands on" and we don't waste your time / money with heat or ultrasound.
  • No non-licensed people will be touching you, just very experienced hands.
  • I have over 39 years of uninterrupted clinical practice.
  • My daily average visit charge is 75% lower than large hospital corporate practices.
  • Becoming a "PREFERRED PROVIDER" is practically legalized extortion by the insurance companies.
  • We don’t accept insurance as payment in full. You pay for whatever the insurance does not.

"Will my insurance cover "alternative therapy"?"

It’s important to remember that although our approach and philosophy is different from most Physical Therapy practices, all of our techniques are still allowable from an insurance standpoint. The main techniques we use are all included under the current billing codes. So if your insurance company has coverage for Physical Therapy, those techniques would be acceptable.

"Will insurance cover all of your charges?"

This depends entirely on your policy. Some companies have different "panels" or levels of coverage that may pay 100% for one subscriber while someone with the same company can have a different panel that doesn’t cover very much. It all depends. Fortunately, at Alternative HealthCare Solutions, we will do all of the phone calling ahead of time to find out what’s covered and what’s not. That way there are fewer "surprises" when the bills come out. Just call us, give us your billing information and we will get on the phone to the insurance company. We’ll call you right back with the information.

"What about Medicare?"

We are happy to accept Medicare payments with your co-pay or secondary insurance.  All Medicare policies are not created equal.  In the past 5 years many private insurance companies have begun offering Medicare-like policies that are not actual Medicare.  These require their own set of guidelines for services to be paid.  To be sure, call the office (440-918-0836) and we can verify your exact coverage.

"Will I need a doctor’s referral?"

As of May, 2004 Ohio law no longer requires a person to have a referral / prescription from a doctor as a prerequisite to being seen by a Physical Therapist. However, you should check with your insurance company because some policies still require it to pay benefits.  Medicare always requires a referral / prescription from a physician.

Internationally Recognized Physical Therapist, Teacher and Author Tom Ockler, P.T. Tom Ockler, P.T. is a highly sought after international presenter who gives continuing education courses demonstrating his techniques to eliminate musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.


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