Seminar Testimonials

“Very useful tool for patients who can’t tolerate more aggressive manual techniques, taking into account chronic pain and effects on body.  Very fun and interactive teacher! Comfortable with using techniques in clinic.” Student M1 Madison Hts., MI

“Thank you! Excellent course. I’m excited to use and make mistakes with my new skills.” Student, M1 Springfield, OH 2019

“Tom was good at making information easy to understand and will to take time to break things down as needed.” Wendi, M1 Springfield, OH 2019

“I found this course completely by random chance / search and initially balked at the cost. I am so glad I enrolled, it was worth every cent!! Tom is such an excellent and passionate instructor, he makes me want to be a better clinician. I look forward to taking future courses.” Jenn, PT M2 Mayfield Hts., OH 2019

“Tom has presented a topic, normally confusing and mentally exhausting, brought it down to the basics and took the fear out of using the technique. I would recommend his course 100%. He took time out at the end to help correct my issue which was not topic of course. Thank you so much for being passionate and super helpful!” Susan, PT M2 Mayfield Hts., OH 2019

“Fantastic course as was M1. Can’t wait to take more. Thank you.” Adam, PTA M2 Mayfield Hts., OH 2019

“This was great! Really enjoyed it and plan to use it on myself to deal with some old trauma.” Corinne, ATC TIPI Willoughby 2019

“Can not wait to try this.” Phyllis, LMT TIPI Willoughby 2019

“Excellent topic and instructor. Made learning fun and engaging. Thank you for having the courage to share your experience as a child and the tapping.” Deb, PT M1 Charleston, WV 2019

“This course helped me to actually understand how to evaluate and treat the pelvis which has proven quite difficult for me to learn in the past. Great instructor! I feel ready to start with everything learned on Monday.” Student M1 Charleston, WV 2019

“Tom is a great instructor that knows the info, it’s a lot of info, but worth every minute.” Joshua M2 Roseburg, OR 2019

“Great course, expanded the toolbox, helped me restructure how I will evaluate lumbar, SI, IS, pelvic issues in the future. Thank you.” Vinny, PT M1 Roseburg, OR 2019

“Very humble instructor who is willing to listen and answer questions. Information provided in different terms that create a more conducive learning environment. Text is very descriptive. Cody, PT M1 Roseburg. OR 2019

“Most definitely the most casual, informative, info packed CEU I have attended. Thank you so much!” Clif, PTA M1 Roseburg, OR 2019

“I took your M1 course back in April in Royal Oak, MI. I just want to share with you very quick about my recent medical short term mission in Zambia. I wasn’t able to bring a lot of equipment due to luggage space, but I did use quite a lot of muscle energy techniques for the patients. It was very cool to see how effective and efficient the techniques are!! Thank you again for the course!” Alice, PT via email 2019

“I thought your class was excellent and definitely planning on taking more courses from you in the future. You are easy and fun to listen to and have great analysis to make the material easier to comprehend.” Trey, PT M2 Seattle, WA 2019

“Thank you! I’ll be using this on Monday. I’ll be practising on my family. I’m planning to try TIPI on my heartbroken daughter. Wish me luck! You talk about how the body is designed. Who is the designer? If evolution over millions of years . . . I humbly suggest God did it that way. What do you think? Thank you for sharing yourself with me and the class. I appreciate you and have been blessed so much.” Carrie, PT M2 Seattle, WA 2019

“These techniques are game changing! I cannot wait to get back to work to put this to practice. Hope to see you again at classes in the future!” Charles, CMT M2 Seattle, WA 22019

“Thank you for this great course! I am grateful to know there are online videos I can reference later become some of the thoracic techniques and details went over my head with fatigue :), but seem doable with review and ongoing practice.” Kristi, PT M2 Seattle, WA 2019

“Eye opening course. Wish I had it long ago . . . would love to call back old patients to try these approaches! I do wish there were some recommendations for home exercises that might reinforce/stabilize after correction.”  Ann, PT M2 Seattle, WA 2019

“Great presenter with concise speaking style, homor, wit. Cheat rules were awesome! Information was concentrated but presented well.” Steph, PT M1 Royal Oak, MI 2019

“It was a great course. I learned a ton, I felt that it was challenging but doable and kept me on my toes the whole time. I really enjoyed the weekend and look forward to applying these skills to my patients.” Liz, PT M1 Royal Oak, MI 2019

“Taken 13 classes so far. This was by far the best. Even though some tough concepts. Great course, supplemental material. Excited to start using what I learned.” Matt, PT M1 Royal Oak, MI 2019

“Thank you for your patience and great explanations. I look forward to taking future courses.” Chad,MRT M1 Royal Oak, MI 2019

“Covered all your bases.  I wasn’t left wondering: ‘well, what about this scenario’, you already thought of it.  The language made it much easier to grasp very difficult / challenging material. Loved the chronic pain content — so relevant, especially treating spines all day! Lots of new tools in my box!! Thank you!” Student M1 Willoughby 2019

“This instructor was professional, realistic, and willing to jump in and assist at any point. I have plenty more tools under my belt now to help me advance in my career.” Student M1 Willoughby 2019

“Appreciate your transparency with your intentions of disseminating this info and sharing your personal failures and successes as examples of what this course represents. Thanks, Tom” Chad, PT M1 Willoughby 2019

“This course was absolutely wonderful! I need to continue to work on mechanics — what I see, what I feel and what it means. I’m hoping with practice, I can become comfortable and use these techniques regularly. I know they may not be effective in my C.P. kids however I may be able to see and feel things with clearer eyes and hands. I do plan on using it with my colleagues who frequent my room for advice/treatment.” Lisa, PT M1 Willoughby 2019

“I took the MET course for Thorax, Cervical and Ribs with you quite a few years ago in Hamilton Ontario. Just want to tell you that the MET stuff rocks, especially the ones for the cervical, thoracic and Ribs! I am actually amazed at how many times I have gotten spectacular results working on the Ribs. My clients are amazed too! Thank you for keeping the courses affordable and for making me almost a miracle worker!” Mia, PT via email

“Techniques were more effective than I had expected coming into this course. I’m excited to use these new tools in my practice.” Nadia, PT M2 Michigan 2019

“Enjoyed learning more gentle ways to treat common pathologies of the spine.” Courtney, PT M2 Michigan 2019

“I am interested in taking the M1 course and feel that I definitely learned some valuable information that I can apply immediately.” Jodi, PT M2 Michigan 2019

“I thought this course was great because the instructor simplified everything and made a difficult course easy to understand. I thought it would be nice to have a case study where the instructor runs through someone who has pain and uses the techniques we have done in class.” Megan, PT M2 Michigan 2019

“I attended your lumbar-pelvic course last year and I feel like I should send you a thank you card every time I use your techniques. They are so easy to perform for the patient and myself and they work! I had a patient that I started working with last week that had sciatica pain and was walking a with a limp. The 1st thing he said to me is “I’m only doing PT so my insurance will approve my MRI.” We started with the normal low back ROM exercises, stretching and core strengthening as the PT had ordered. I then had him get on the table and went through the process of checking alignment and found that he had a right up slip. I made the necessary corrections. The guy sits up and looks me straight in the eye says “ what kind of voodoo did you just do?” His foot no longer had pins and needles and he only had mild tenderness in his buttocks. He came in the next treatment and only needed a mild correction and called his doctor to say he wanted to cancel the MRI. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the physical therapy world!” Luke, LPTA via email

“Thomas did a great job keeping slides / booklets / discussions / lab all in language that all the students could understand. Tremendous!” Paul, ATC M1 Washington, DC 2018

“I very much enjoyed this course and it’s relevant material. Looking forward to begin using some techniques I’ve learned and would like to take further courses on this material.” Student M1 Washington, DC 2018

“Very informative and taught at a great pace. All questions were answered. Just enough information with the time we had. Thanks Tom, great course.” Matt, M1 Washington, DC 2018

“Thought the course was presented in a clear and time efficient manner. Instructor was able to relate complex topics in a concise and understandable manner.” Jeff, ATC Washington, DC 2018

“Very well organized and administered course.” Dale, ATC M1 Washington, DC 2018

“It has been a fantastic workshop. Learned a lot and extremely practical and easily mastered in real life. It was worth driving from Toronto.” Alex, RMT M2 Willoughby, OH 2018

“Excellent learning experience, I think it will be a very good addition to my ‘tool box’ in a clinical setting. Thanks, Tom!” Keith, PT M2 Willoughby, OH 2018

“Thank for simplifying the techniques to give me the courage to use them.” James, PT M2 Willoughby, OH 2018

“Tom is amazing as always! He makes difficult material interesting and very understandable.” Student M2 Willoughby, OH 2018

“Thank you for having techniques and ideas to simplify the palpation and correction of the pelvis, SIJ and lumbar spine. Humor was appreciated. The alternating lecture and lab helped keep me going.” Lori, PT Ronan, MT 2018

“Lots of info but instructor presented in a great way with combination of lecture and hands-on practice. Very applicable to my clientele and I am looking forward to ‘making mistakes’ to get good at MET eval and treatment.” Student M1 Ronan, MT 2018

“Great course, lots of material which was well organized, user friendly, great instruction.” Bruce, PT M1 Ronan, MT 2018

“I truly enjoyed the course and the three dimensional approach.” Jacob, PT M1 Ronan, MT 2018

“Thank you for coming back Tom! We really enjoy having you and I love having my entire staff taking the same course so we can continue to practice and learn together in the clinic.” Cortnee, PT M1  Ronan, MT 2018

“Happy 40 year anniversary as a Physical Therapist Tom! I trust that all is well. 🙂 I’m still using a lot of those muscle energy techniques for cervical, thoracic and ribs, and I’m able to release and relax muscles in less time now. I guess that I’m doing so well with patient care that if I see someone else’s patient while their therapist is out of town, the patient ends up moving to my schedule. Lol *shoulder  shrugs* This has been happening quite often, as of late.  I’m a firm believer in “Fix what you find” and a lot of times, I’ve been told by the patients, “My therapist hasn’t even assessed THIS side of my body!”  Wow!  Thanks again for the continued encouragement and teachings of “fine tuning your craft.”” Dena, LPTA  via email

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge and time this weekend.   I enjoyed your class and learned a lot of valuable information and techniques for my practice. I should clarify.  On day one I also wasn’t thinking when you asked if we used non-manipulative or manipulative techniques.  For some reason I said I did manipulative and that couldn’t be farther from my intention and belief.  I believe the body has a natural propensity for homeostasis and sometimes needs gentle  guidance to find our natural alignment. Thank you for your continued dedication to improving one’s health in a supportive and non-invasive manner.” Aurora, PT M1 & M2 Lynnwood, WA 2018

“Tom did a fantastic job teaching a difficult subject with “moron” language and humor. I will encourage my other co-workers and friends to take these classes. The techniques will be beneficial to our population.” Clete, PT M1 Lynnwood, WA 2018

“I was nervous about having to repeat this course because I felt too slow the first time through. After repeating, I can say that Tom was patient, non-judgmental, and eager to help cement the concepts I struggled with the first time into my brain. I’m very glad that I cm back as I believe these concepts and techniques should be in every practioner’s tool box.” Jim, PT M1 & M2 Lynnwood, WA 2018

“The best course I’ve taken. Very engaging instructor and very humble in his approach. Very passionate which was contagious. Can’t wait to do M2 next year!” Shelby, PTA M1 Lynnwood, WA 2018

“‘Moron speak’ and analogies have helped me understand this ‘foreign’ material that has been nearly an enigma in my life. Keep up the technique for teaching — It works! Thank you!” Sarah, PT M1 & M2 Lynnwood, WA 2018

“Information presented in a very clear manner, good ration of lecture and labs.” Kara, PT M1 Lynnwood, WA 2018

“This is some complex material and Tom did an excellent job trying to make it easy to understand. I really appreciate that you make so much material accessible on the internet free to use.”  Marc, PT M1 Lynnwood, WA 2018

“Thanks for the course and the eval. videos.  It has been very helpful, and I was able to immediately come back and start practicing.” Jason, PT via email M1 Miami, FL 2018

“My mind and brain exploded with so much knowledge and I am so grateful to learn some new techniques to try on my patients. I am excited to take this back to the clinic, fine tune each technique and add this to my bag of tricks. Now, I feel like I don’t need to further my career as a PT unless I want the student loans 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement regarding the MET course. Kudos!” Dena, PT M2 Royal Oak, MI 2018

“I love this course and have applied the M1 course in the clinic and found it to have made me a better therapist. I was excited to take M2 and got a lot out of it and am excited to put it into practice. The course has a lot of information. I felt like we could have used a bit more time to practice on each other. We kept running out of time.” Student M2 Royal Oak, MI 2018

“I’ve been waiting to take this course for approximately 1.5 years and it exceeded my expectations. I can’t wait to start using these techniques in my clinic ASAP. It was a delight! I am convinced you are a genius. :)” Samantha, PT M2 Royal Oak, MI 2018

“Excellent material/manual with illustrations and instructions. Had a great experience and better understanding of surface anatomy. Coverage of the rib cage was excellent and I can apply this information right away into clinical practice.” Srividhya, DPT M2 Royal Oak, MI 2018

“Two of my co-workers are going to MET 1 with you this year.  I told them this is the best course I have been to and they will love it.  Have been working with them a little on the techniques. MET has changed the way I do PT and I have so many more successes.  I can’t say enough good about your courses.” Susan, PT via email M1 Student 2018

“I wanted to give you my experiences from the past couple of weeks following the course.

1. I have been doing my exercises and I’m feeling much better.  Sleep has been better as well – have only used the recliner once. I still have to be careful of work positions because I feel like it throws me back into poopy alignment.

2. I have been using the techniques and applying the concepts for other parts of the body. Because it uses such a light force, it saves my pregnant-hormonal body.

3. I tried the EFT with one of my pelvic floor patients prior to treatment. We went through it 3 times. She said it help bring her heart rate and anxiety level down for which she was thankful.

4. One of our patient is an MD who has struggled over the past year plus with a failed THA from infection. He had a revision but fears the injection is still there, etc. I suggested the EFT – for pain, fear of infection, and doubts of being able to return back to work. He did some reading and has tried it and said it has helped but wasn’t long lasting. He was pleased none-the-less to try another to get him over this hump.

Anyways, thank you for a wonderful experience (on so many levels)! Liesle, PT via email M2 Student 2018

“Had a wonderful experience — was unsure of class to begin but found excellent relief, and left full of ideas for my patients on Monday.” Student M1 Rockford, IL 2018

“Enjoyed the course! I look forward to further practice. Thank you!” Student M1 Rockford, IL 2018

“Very informative course. Good mix of lecture and hands-on techniques. Kept my interest throughout and will use the info to further my skill set. Look forward to taking more courses.” Christine, PTA, ATC M1 Willoughby, OH 2018

“Tom and Brad were great! Very approachable! I want to take all the courses and for all my co-workers to take them!” Student M1 Willoughby, OH 2018

“Corny jokes are great to prevent the course from being too stuffy! Thanks for being vulnerable with your history to market your TIPI course (which I already took, and have used). Thank you! Erin, PT M1 Willoughby, OH 2018

“Great explanation, manual and practice time. Very knowledgeable and always answered questions.” Debbie, PT M1 Willoughby, OH 2018

“Absolutely loved the time, hands on, amount of guidance, use of cardboard sacrum and the jokes. smiley Thank you for having Brad available as well. So nice to have questions answered quickly and using more time for us to practice.” Jean, DPT M1 Willoughby, OH 2018

“Did a great job explaining in less complicated terms. Repetition is how I learn and this was a great refresher.” Brad, PT M1 Royal Oak, MI 2018

“Great course. Instructor was engaging with plenty of examples and instruction. Great ratio of lecture to example.” Student M1 Royal Oak, MI 2018

“Encouraging instructor with a very practical approach.” Michael, PT M1 Royal Oak, MI 2018

“I wanted to email you after using some of the MET techniques from the course. Day 1 following the course I had patients who needed what I had learned from your course. It was amazing to be able to put into practice in the first day, and pretty much everyday I have worked since the course, the things I learned from you. I saw results that first week of decreased pain from many of the patients I used the techniques on. I am blessed to have a great supervising PT who is skilled in MET to give me feedback on some of my techniques as well and guide me if I have questions, but like you said I have to make mistakes to become better at MET. I have made some mistakes, but I am gaining more confidence in MET the more I use it. I wanted to reach out and say thank you. I learned so much and it is already influencing the way I treat patients. I am really looking forward to taking more of your courses in the future. I have continued to use MET almost daily in clinical practice and have gained quite a bit of confidence in using the techniques for the low back, hips, sacrum, and pelvis. When I get to use MET it is my favorite part of treatment during the day. One thing I experimented a little bit with recently was using the piriformis technique you had showed us that works well with runners. I figured if it worked with them, why not use it to retrain the piriformis in other cases as well. For example, I had a patient who would get a burning feeling/pain in the glute med/piriformis region when crossing her legs to tie her shoes. I figured, lets give the piriformis technique a try for that. The patient couldn’t believe how well it worked. In a minute, she went from not being able to tie her shoes really much at all to able to do it with no complaints of pain/the burning feeling and it never returned following that technique. I started using this technique a lot more with similar success. When performing soft tissue to the low back, glute med/piriformis region, I have found that technique works very well for decreasing tenderness to palpation in the glute med/pirformis. The piriformis muscle energy technique has quickly become one of my favorites to use, and the patients love that they can feel a difference right away.” Adam, PTA via email M1 Canton, NY 2017

“Awesome course! Information was very clearly presorted, very logical. Instructor was very accessible. Content will be very useful and relevant.” Leslie, PT M1 Potsdam, NY 2017

“Great course! I know it will take practice to get better, but I will definitely use these techniques!” Brianna, PTA M1 Potsdam, NY 2017

“Loved your jokes smiley I truly appreciate your sharing your personal experience with TIPI and your research in this area.  I was recently introduced to the technique by an acupuncturist in Lake Placid. Thank you, also for sharing your info on You Tube, Clinical Pearls, etc.” Lisa, M1 Potsdam, NY 2017

“Fantastic, very applicable info. I can’t wait to use it in the clinic. Thank you very much for all the help and I’ll definitely be taking more of your courses.” Andrew, PTA M1 Potsdam, NY 2017

“Thanks — made understanding terminology of specific pathologies much less complicated through labs and didactic explanations.” Mary, M1 Potsdam, NY 2017

“Practical application of material for assessment and treatment with immediate results observed/reported. Will return for M1 course when offered.” Charles, PT M2 Willoughby, OH 2017

“Great course size and one-on-one was great. No complaints.” Nick, PT M2 Willoughby, OH 2017

“The first thing that I want to say is “Thank You”. Using MET for the pelvis has really changed my way of thinking and results in the clinic. I have used MET on the spine and SI joint in the past very similar to how you taught me, but incorporating the pelvis and changing the order of the treatment to “Pubes, Tubes…..” has really made a difference. The techniques are holding longer and the pubic paradox really saves time. The primary reason for contacting you is the T.I.P.I. treatments that I have done. I know that I have made some rookie mistakes, but I am 2 for 2 with this treatment. I lowered one patient’s pain level from a 6/10 (6 months) to a 2/10 in one session and now I am treating a patient with a rare condition called hyperekplexia  which is really driven by anxiety. This patient has a huge fear of falling and came to me to work on gait. She came in last session very stressed out and said that she was afraid to walk today. I tried T.I.P.I. and her fear of falling went from a 10/10 to 3/10 after 3 sets of tapping. She walked 20 feet normally. I believe that this technique was taylor made to help her manage this condition. I have been using this technique just using the manual and the demonstrations that you have done at your MET courses.” Shawn, PT via email Oct. 2017

“The mix of lecture/lab was great as I learn by ‘doing’. This course reminded me how important palpation is during evaluating and treating patient. Great course!” Ashley, PT M1 Newark, OH 2017

“Extremely informative. It was a lot of info, but very informative and interesting! I look forward to future courses with you. I also am very excited to apply what I have learned, while embracing the fact that I will make mistakes.” Julie, PTA M1 Newark, OH 2017

“Tom was knowledgeable, kind, funny and willing to assist verbally and hands on. Didn’t make e feel uneducated (yes stupid!). Enjoyed the anatomy portion. Review is always good. I will definitely take more MET classes from Tom. Thank you for cheat rules.” Laura, PTA M1 Newark, OH 2017

“Most CE courses are very dry and need a lot of caffeine to get through. Stimulating personality was very refreshing. Looking forward to more courses with Tom.” Sheila, PTA M1 Newark, OH 2017

“Material was presented clearly and efficiently helping me to actually learn something rather than just take in the information. Your passion is evident — thank you for sharing it with us.” Deena, PTA M1 Willoughby, OH 2017

“Excellent. Down-to-Earth. Really enjoyed learning about EFT. Appreciate the encouragement and reassurance to practice and make mistakes.” Christine, PT M1 Willoughby, OH 2017

“Very well done. Was captivated from start to finish.” Ed, PT M1 Willoughby, OH 2017

“This course was entertaining which allows to reduce the snooze factor I have had previously. Thank you.” Student M1 Willoughby, OH 2017

“I appreciated how the course material was sequential and easy to understand the order of evaluation and treatment.” Jodi, PTA M1 Willoughby, OH 2017

“Manner of material presentation is good. Good blending of lecture, demo and practice.” Student M1 Willoughby, OH

“Great class, can’t wait to use all these techniques in clinic. I know they will be applicable to all my patients. Thank you for your time and talents. I hope you come back to teach M2, I will talk to our PT group and try to get M3 here!” Jenna, PT M1 Minneapolis, MN 2017

“Lots of valuable information presented. Thank you for sharing personal experiences and stories — made it more meaningful. I like that you came around to all the tables multiple times for helping with body mechanics and problem solving dysfunctions.” Leah, PT M1 Minneapolis, MN 2017

“Great and fun speaker. Easy to pay attention and stay focused. Love the jokes and impersonations.:) Tom was very helpful with labs and with questions. Great feedback, positive energy. I personally have less pain after this course! Motivated to try this stuff.” Student M1 Minneapolis, MN 2017

“Gave me hope that going forward as an aging female I have a very sound proven technique in my toolbox to offer patients. Ignited some excitement in me! Meaning current climate of health care has become challenging in many aspects.” Amy, PT M1 Minneapolis, MN 2017

“Tom is the most approachable instructor that I have ever met. No intimidation, very encouraging and passionate about teaching.” and via email two days after course: “Thank you for being such a great teacher. I have done MET for years and not always using the correct sequence, but like you said there is no harm if you alter or perform the technique incorrectly. I was excited to see two of my staff to take this course because I knew that it would change the way that they care for patients. Every one of us made mistakes in your honor yesterday and got results. I performed MET on a post surgical lumbar disc patient that normally I would have never touched because of his surgical status, but I went after the pelvis and completely abolished his pain! Judy and Carol also had success yesterday which is just awesome!” Shawn, PT M1 Royal Oak, MI 2017

“This was my first continuing education course and it was very informative and helpful.  greatly enjoyed this course. I now feel more confident and prepared for treating my patients. Thank you!” Emily, LPTA M1 Royal Oak, MI 2017

“Great and amazing presentation of confusing materials. I really enjoyed the real-life applications. Looking forward to future classes.” Lance, PT M1 Royal Oak, MI 2017

“As a PT with little manual experience I found this course extremely helpful, easy to understand, and applicable to our everyday setting. Useful techniques that can be used immediately!” Student, M2 Woodstown, NJ 2017

“This was my favorite course ever!! Pace was great, lots of useful material, and instructor kept great atmosphere to make weekend go by fast but good pace.” Rebecca, PT M2 Woodstown, NJ 2017

“Great course. Happy to have tools that can be used immediately in the clinic. Already looking forward to M2.” Brandy, DPT M1 Wheeling WV 2017

“Information was very helpful, will definitely use in clinic. Even what I couldn’t understand or ‘get’ right away, the lab with hands-on really helped. Having less people was beneficial.” Lindsey, PTA M1 Wheeling WV 2017

“Enjoyed the course and even with lots of experience in MET, I learned so much!! Palpation skills also improved.” Chrissy, MPT M1 Wheeling WV 2017

“Instructor was fun, knowledgeable, interactive, personable and very helpful in educating on MET. I can’t wait to start using what I’ve learned!” Jocelyn, PTA M1 Verona, VA 2017

“Tom interjected humor to make this course interesting, fun and interactive. He took time to help with positioning techniques and questions from the class. Very good information.” Student M1 Verona, VA 2017

“Excellent positive reinforcement and verbal/tactile cueing. I appreciated the pace with breaks for practice. Great adaptation to include our pregnant attendee. Surreal experience, I’m so grateful.” Adam, OM M1 Verona, VA 2017

“Your passion is contagious. The work is amazing. Thank you for sharing and creating an easy to understand lecture and lab.” Jessi, PTA M2 Grand Rapids, MI 2016

“Wonderful instructor, love your passion about the material and with teaching students and caring to improve our practice. I also love your offer to email you with questions after the course. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to our course and profession!” Sarah, PT M2 Grand Rapids, MI 2016

“The very best presentation I’ve attended because the information was not intimidating but mostly because the humor, tremendous knowledge . . . and the ‘human’ part of how we all learn was well done.” Betty, PTA M2 Grand Rapids, MI 2016

“Just wanted to send you an email and thank you for the course this past weekend.  As you had advised, I decided to  put what I learned to use.  My first patient of the day today was a 60 y/o male who is experiencing left neck pain and numbness/tingling into the thumb.  I have seen the patient for 9 visits already.  I decided to  evaluate the ribs and discovered that  the patient had an elevated 1st rib on the left and moderate restrict in the upper trap and scalene muscles.  After correcting the rib and reducing muscle tension, patient reported abolishment of radicular symptoms!  Just thought that I would share my result with you, looking  forward to continuing to improve my skills.” Tim, PT M2 Grand Rapids, MI 2016

“Great class! Loved the teaching style. Not boring! Will definitely do another class. So glad I did this. Thank you.” Student M2 Grand Rapids, MI 2016

“Thanks for showing us how far you have come in MET and instilling confidence in us that we can do the same.” Student M2 Miami, FL 2016

“Very informative and can’t wait to start using the techniques in the clinic. Thank you!” Student M2 Miami, FL 2016

“Very good combination of lecture, anatomy review, demonstration and hands on learning that helped to solidify concepts.” Student, M2 Willoughby, OH 2016

“Obvious passion – excellent teacher – sharing of expertise.” Student, M2 Willoughby, OH 2016

“Loved the class.  Thanks for the treatment. Really got the abdominal and breathing importance.” Natalie, RN, MT M4 Grand Rapids, MI 2016

“Excellent delivery of content, easy to understand and felt comfortable to ask questions. I feel like I will be able to use techniques in the clinic right away.” Student M4 Grand Rapids, MI 2016

“Thanks again for another great course. So much good info, refinement, correction and validation.” Student M4 Grand Rapids, MI 2016

“I feel 90% more competent in the pelvis and am on the right track to the sacrum. This was explained so well and the labs were absolutely integral to understanding. Thank you for making this so comfortable to understand.” Student M3 Hermann, MO 2016

“Excellent course. Very logical explanation of treatments. Great explanation of evaluation and assessment techniques. Liked the time to practice all of the manual skills presented. Like the order of topics in the way the material was presented. It made sense to me. Thank you!” Student M3 Hermann, MO 2016

“Great course instructed many things that were not taught in school.” Student M1 Madison Hts., MI 2016

“Course had good pace between lecture, practice and demonstration. Instructor quickly able to answer questions and gave good cueing. Excellent course!” Student M2 Royal Oak, MI 2016

“Great class size, it was nice you were available to assist with each technique if needed. I also really appreciate the personal stories, it really drives it home and gives proof it works. You were great, thank you!” Brittany, PT M2 Royal Oak, MI 2016

“Tom is so approachable. He opened himself up to any questions and genuinely seemed delighted to answer them. Great course! Great information!” Shawn, PT M2 Royal Oak, MI 2016

“This material blew my mind! It was a hefty amount, but explained in a way that I could process. I look forward to trying these techniques on my clients.”, Corri, LMT M1 Columbia, MO 2016

“This course was a blessing for me! I feel like I have found my desired niche as a therapist. Tom was not only knowledgeable but encouraging, patient and thorough. He made it a comfortable and fun learning environment.” Ashley, OT M1 Columbia, MO 2016

“Lots of enthusiasm for the material and very passionate instructor. Thanks.” Mary, PT M1 Columbia, MO 2016

“Thank you for helping beginning therapists feel more comfortable with manual techniques.” Student M1 Columbia, MO 2016

“Thanks so much for the very beneficial material – very user friendly. Amazing to think such small contractions can cause significant, instantaneous changes!” Student M1 Columbia, MO 2016

“The handouts are excellent. I’m glad Tom didn’t just give out copies of the patient treatments. The inclusion of lay and osteopathic explanations was great because each appeals to different kind of learner.” Student M2 Seattle, WA 2016

“Very glad I took this course. It now makes me want to take the rest of the M series courses. Enjoyed the hands-on teaching moments — added educational value.” Student M2 Seattle, WA 2016

“The instructors was very knowledgeable and he was entertaining to keep our attention on the course.” Student M2 Seattle, WA 2016

“Tom is a great instructor and really breaks down the information to help with the learning process.  Definitely worth the time and money!!!” Student M1 Seattle, WA 2016

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your personal experience with manipulations, MET and EFT. I feel like the EFT may be the most important reason I needed to attend this class. Going to look it up as soon as I get home.” Lisa, PT M1 Seattle, WA 2016

“I have worked with a lot of PTs that were ‘osteopath’ taught, but you have created a system that was easier to learn. Bravo.” Matt, PT M1 Seattle, WA 2016

“I feel like I truly learned MET skills, how to realistically use them in the clinic and make a huge difference in my patient’s lives. I am thankful for this opportunity and glad I decided to travel 2,000 miles to take a course from Tom.” Tina, PTA M1 Willoughby OH 2016

“Awesome course. The Ockler method is the easiest way to learn MET.” Rochelle, PTA M1 Willoughby OH 2016

“Very informative and educational. Information delivered in an entertaining way yet very clear. Great at answering questions and took extra time to make sure material was understood. By far the best continuing education course I ever took!” Helena, PTA M1 Willoughby OH 2016

“Tom is an excellent instructor. He is very informative, engaging and funny which is such a bonus! He is very encouraging and builds confidence. This is fantastic cork and I’m excited to use on my patients.” Pam, PTA M1 Willoughby OH 2016

“This course provides excellent instruction/teaching which will allow me to use these tomorrow.” Student M2 Medford OR 2016

“I Appreciate your energy and enthusiasm.” Student, M2 Medford OR 2016

“Excellent course and I’m very happy this was my first CEU course. Very excited to use this information and techniques in the clinic! Instructor was excellent and very good at ‘dumbing things down’ for us. Thank you!” Kathleen, PT M1 Cincinnati, OH 2016

“Really enjoyed the course, pelvic/sacral dysfunction feels less daunting now. Amount of time spent on techniques was really helpful. Really appreciate how much time you spent on questions and individual help. Thank you!” Student, M1 Cincinnati, OH 2016

“Thank you very much for a great course. I feel I can go back to work and use things I learned tomorrow. I love the terminology you use, it makes things clear.” Jen, PT M1 Cincinnati OH 2016

“Tom, thank you for being such an excellent, clear instructor with phenomenal information and clear, practical application that will certainly help our patients.” Barb, PT M1 Cincinnati, OH 2016

“Everything was very well put together and was presented well. Instructor was very knowledgeable and would highly recommend this course and others by Tom. Thank you for sharing.” Bryan, PTA M1 Endicott, NY 2016

“Thanks for this course. Learned so much more insight into EFT than is possible for website for EFT.” Student TIPI Course Willoughby, OH 2016

“Enjoyed small class size — conducive to learning material and sharing. Thanks!” Michael, LMT TIPI Course Willoughby, OH 2016

“I really appreciated the way Tom presented the material. I connected with the way he was able to break down the material an easier way that I will remember in the clinic. I appreciated the alternative methods of treatment and find it is an under sourced niche. Fantastic! I will come to many more courses.” Shannon, PTA M2 Ronan, MT 2016

“Tom, you are top shelf. Thanks for bringing your wisdom, knowledge, friendship and shoot skills to our neck of the woods. You have been a great inspiration. Keep up the good work!” Bruce, PT M2 Ronan, MT 2016

“Appreciated openness with stories about mistakes, injuries and humor. Very approachable and non-intimidating.” Student M2 Ronan, MT 2016

“Excellent course, excellent speaker, easy to understand for me as a foreigner.” Student M2 Ronan, MT 2016

“Great course and learned a lot! Can’t wait to try on some patients and continue to practice the techniques learned.” Mandi, PT M1 Michigan 2015

“Very approachable and great communication. Fun class, looking forward to M2. Allan, LMT M1 Michigan 2015

“Tom Ockler does not disappoint. Loved both M1 & M2 courses. Tom breaks down the information so you can easily understand. Thanks!” Julia, PT M2 Nantucket MA 2015

“Thank you! I finally feel like I am on my way to successful evaluation and treatment of rib dysfunction after completing M2.” Julie, PT, DPT M2 Michigan 2015

“Brilliant course! Complex information presented in a down to earth way with humor to lighten the load. Thanks! Great compassion for all learning levels, abilities, etc.” Katie, LMT M2 Michigan 2015

“This was the most enjoyable educational training session ever. I look forward to practicing the MET techniques taught. I look forward to moving clients to a better future and helping me free myself of fear (tapping). I look forward to M2.” Joanne, LMT M1 Miami FL 2015

“Best muscle energy SI course I’ve taken and I have taken about 4 other courses.” Student M1 Miami FL 2015

“Course is totally immediately applicable. Makes it understandable and does not overload our one brain cell. Increased my bag of tricks as a therapist and I’ve been a PT for a very long time.”  Student M1 Miami FL 2015

“The material presented in this class are the techniques that make physical therapies worthwhile. MET should be one of the required CEUs by the APTA.” Student M1 Miami FL 2015

“Tom, you are a great instructor and captivating speaker. I appreciate your humility and teaching in a non-threatening way — you truly help people learn!  Looking forward to your next course here in Grand Rapids.”  Amy, PT M1 Grand Rapids MI 2015

“I liked the fact that the instructor gave basis (research and authority) regarding the techniques taught. It felt as though we were moving around and using lab regularly.” Mike, PT M1 Grand Rapids MI 2015

“You do a good job with analogies and ‘dumbing things down.’ Pleasure taking this course.” Student, M1 Grand Rapids MI 2015

“This course was very helpful. I am feeling more comfortable with my palpation skills and am better able to visualize alignment (proper and dysfunctional).” Student M1 Grand Rapids MI 2015

“First time I feel that I have an even small handle on SI / IS, gives me a good starting point and more confidence to get started.” Student M1 Grand Rapids MI 2015

“Love the research/evidence base as well as the personal experience! Thank you so much for coming! You really break down the material in a way I can follow.  You are also very approachable.” Student M1 Grand Rapids MI 2015

“Tom is a great educator.  Is very generous with his time in class and after course support in terms of email, available free and for purchase (videos, references). Tom is very non-judgemental in his teaching, making learning fun and non-threatening.” Student M1 Grand Rapids MI 2015

“Excellent course – much more understandable than other courses I have done for sacrum and don’t feel lost at the end of this course; not afraid to try the skills.”  Sandy, PTA M1 Grand Rapids MI 2015

“Thanks for a great course. My ‘problem child’ walked/limped in with bilat 8/10 knee pain at rest, left with 1/10 pain after doing 6 or 7 deep knee bends . . no pain at rest. Gotta love the TIPI!” via email 2 days after course Ken, PT TIPI Willoughby OH 2015

“Tom, thank you for making this technique so accessible to all of us. Already tried it on a few people and noticed a difference. One of them, I even went the wrong way and it still corrected the problem. It’s awesome to know that I can make a mistake and the patient’s body is still able to figure it out. See you in Seattle.” via email 3 days after course Bogie, PT M2 Willoughby OH 2015

“Great class! Watching the videos ahead of time was great preparation and I’m glad to have them for review. Thanks for being so clear and organized.” Pam, LMT M2 Willoughby OH 2015

“Wonderful course, great manual. Still refer to M1 manual from course over a year ago. Love the tangents! Intrigued by EFT/Tapping.” Ed, PT M2 Willoughby OH 2015

“Excellent presentation and labs. Lots of useful techniques to apply immediately.” Student M2 Willoughby OH 2015

“Excellent course! Tom simplifies some challenging subject matter. A lot of material but techniques that apply to a variety of patients. I enjoy this approach much better than mobilization courses I’ve had from other schools of thought.” Todd, PT M2 Columbia, MO 2015

“Very thorough course and very applicable to patients I commonly see.” Student M2 Columbia, MO 2015

“Everything in this course will be helpful in my treatment daily! The teacher was fun, entertaining and kept the class moving.” Mellony, DPT M2 Columbia, MO 2015

“Thank you breaking down the spine mechanics and making them easier to understand.” Student M2 Columbia, MO 2015

“Thank you for breaking down Arthrokinematics / Type I / II coupling into simple terms.  Your explanations made the most sense out of everyone I have heard teach on the spine.” Jewel, DPT M2 Columbia, MO 2015

“Great presentation and course textbook.  Liked the anatomy review and tips on palpation skills.  Fascinated by the TIPI presentation, going to explore this more.  Liked the presentation regarding dangers of cervical manipulation. I’m often criticized in my current practice for my reservations in people receiving manipulation.” Student M2 Columbia, MO 2015

“I found Tom’s approach to assessment, education and treatment easy to comprehend and quickly applicable. He is also a great role model to give ourselves time to develop skills and experience. Also very entertaining and kept us engaged until end of second day.” Ron, PT M2 Seattle WA 2015

“Greatly enjoyed the material and the considerations for mitigating issues like psychosocial tie-ins of pain.” Student M2 Seattle WA 2015

“Wonderful course, very impressed with instructor, info and presentation.  I look forward to utilizing these techniques in the clinic and taking further classes by Tom.” Molly D, M2 Seattle WA 2015

“Excellent course and instructor! Tom was wonderful at keeping our interests, making himself available for questions, and he was always willing to help. His teachings and materials for learning are easily acceptable (You Tube, etc.) I enjoyed this course and plan on taking his other courses in the future.”  Student M1 Seattle WA 2015

“Very awesome course. Steep learning curve with amount of material provided.  I like the adherence to timeline, ensures all materials is covered.” Student, M1 Seattle WA 2015

“Thomas is outstanding! Very engaging, explained things thoroughly, and took time to make sure the info was well understood.” Student, M1 Seattle WA 2015

“You have a gift for making complex teaching material digestible and fun to learn.  We appreciate your experience with and preservation of MET because it is so effective and deserves to be utilized to it’s full potential to help our patients.”  Julie E, PT M1 Traverse City MI 2015

“Excellent speaker.  Great review of stuff I have learned and found hard to retain.  I feel much more confident now.” Student M1 Traverse City MI 2015

“Great course.  Looking forward to working with these techniques in the office next week.” Student M1 Traverse City MI 2015

“Excellent! Very applicable for both [my associate] and I.  Looking forward to utilizing the new skill set ASAP.” Thomas, PT M1 Willoughby OH 2015

“Awesome class by an awesome presenter.  Felt that knowledge gained will translate well to clinic.  Good to know I learned it from one of the top, if not the top, MET therapists. Thank you! Student, M1 Willoughby OH 2015

“This course was outstanding.  I’ve taken many courses over the years. Tom Ockler may possibly be the most talented instructor I’ve had.  Combines excellent, applicable material and very effective teaching style.  Extremely effective!!”  Thomas S, PT M2 Royal Oak, MI 2015

“Wonderful class, I am excited to use the skills I have learned.  Hope to be able to take the M1 course.”  Katie M, PT M2 Royal Oak, MI 2015

“Tom was really knowledgeable and was able to clear up my self-taught techniques in ribs.  Well done!” Marilyn, PT M2 Royal Oak, MI 2015

“Thank you! This was very easy to understand compared to previous MET courses I have taken.” Katie S, PT M2 Royal Oak, MI 2015

“Loved the course. Very engaging. Great mix of listening and practicing techniques.  Looked forward to the course and it exceeded my expectations! Thank you.”  Julie, PT M1 Nantucket, MA 2014

“I really appreciate the way to explained the rationale and problem solving process for these techniques.  Better than prior MET courses.”  Kelly, PT M1 Nantucket, MA 2014

“Absolutely the best course I have taken so far in my career.”  Theron, PTA M1 Nantucket, MA 2014

“Great class! Felt very comfortable learning and exploring with my beginner skills.  Very approachable instructor and assistant.” Student M1 Columbia, MO 2014

“Instructors were very helpful with questions and being patient with all participants.  Just wish there were more textbooks for sale.  Feel class content is very user friendly for starting back in the clinic tomorrow.”  Student M1 Columbia, MO 2014

“Felt the atmosphere was good and instructors helped and answered questions wonderfully.  Didn’t feel stupid!  Great course!” Claire, PTA M1 Columbia, MO 2014

“Great help with hands-on portions.  Feel like I can implement into practice right away.  Looking forward to going to more of your courses in the future.”  Maureen, PT M1 Columbia, MO 2014

“Good course as always! Good application of one of my favorite professor’s favorite sayings: ‘theoretical ideal vs. clinical reality!” Student M1 Alpena MI

“Pictures are excellent visual reminder for corrective techniques.  Pics of anatomical points are going to be a must.  Thanks for helping me become a better clinician.”  Moira, OT M1 Alpena MI

“Instructor was very good at explaining the material if there was a question or concern.  Instruction manual was very easy to follow along and gives good descriptions.”  Student M1 Alpena MI

“One of the top best I have ever taken. We look forward to having you out for M2. Thanks for the great energy, info, and sharing. I really enjoyed it. Much appreciation!” Justin, PT M1 Oregon 2014

“Thank you so much for spending the time to compress vast knowledge into easy to use forms and sharing it with us.”  Jessica, PT M1 Oregon 2014

“Love the manual – big great photos – great large print. I have been to several MET classes – best presentation so far.” Kathy, PT M1 Oregon 2014

“Thank you very much for sharing your expertise and knowledge with us! This has been one of the best courses I’ve taken for clinically applicable techniques, presentation, lab and course manual.”  Kellie, PT M1 Oregon 2014

“Excellent info presented — feel as though I could use what was taught immediately!  Your teaching style is a great combination of scientific and casual.”  Amy, PT M2 Mary Freebed Hospital 2014

“Excellent speaker, very knowledgeable, very interesting and keeps the class engaged.”  Susan, OT M2 Mary Freebed Hospital 2014

“Good at keeping attention and making things interesting.” Student M2 Mary Freebed Hospital 2014

“Very informative course and easy to follow. I enjoyed the variance between lecture and practice.” Michael, PT M2 Wheeling WV 2014

“Very hands on. Very willing to help with individual instruction and answering questions.” Pam, PT M2 Wheeling WV 2014

“Great course! Lab portion well done, questions thoroughly answered.” Nate M2 Wheeling WV 2014

“So glad to find a tool that truly treats the patient as a ‘whole’ person as was discussed in school but not encouraged in practice.”  Dale, PT TIPI Willoughby OH 2014

“Thanks for a wonderful well rounded course.  The combo of the physiology, the case examples and the different ways of doing it makes for feel confident about doing it with other people.  All of those big words like nociceptors had me drooling and why I signed up.  Learning the connection is the missing link.” Christine, LMT TIPI Willoughby OH 2014

“Thanks for sharing your work so graciously! Can’t wait to put it into practice.” Erin, PT TIPI Willoughby OH 2014

“Excellent class.  Very useful techniques.  Instructor very enthusiastic about topic. Can’t wait to go to another course.” Sarah, PT TIPI Willoughby OH 2014

“Thanks for another outstanding course that will expand my capabilities.” Mike, PT TIPI Willoughby OH 2014

“Thank you again for another great class.  Your classes are absolutely magical.  I cannot wait to get practicing and get good!”  Stephanie, PTA M2 Willoughby OH 2014

“Tom gives excellent courses! I really enjoyed it and I like the way you don’t talk above our heads!” Sharon, PTA M2 Willoughby OH 2014

“Learn the most at your courses.  Thank you so much.  Will be taking M3 and TIPI Courses.”  Deanna, PT M2 Willoughby OH 2014

“Techniques explained very well. Concepts kept simple but backed up with anatomy and theory.  Excellent.”  Owen B, PT M1 Willoughby OH 2014

“This course was amazing! I’m very excited that I can start doing these techniques right away. The cheat sheets are going to be very helpful, it was a great idea to put them in!. I can’t wait to take more courses.” Student M1 Willoughby OH 2014

“Thank you both, tips were wonderful.  It was a good experience and I will see you again for another course.” Charlotte B, PTA M1 Willoughby OH 2014

“After nearly 18 years of taking courses, this was easily the best course I’ve taken for treating the spine and pelvis with manual therapy.” Paul L, PT M1 Willoughby OH 2014

“Wonderful course — got me ‘fired up’ to treat again.” Lynn H, PT M1 Dearborn MI 2014

“Excellent seminar. Tom makes it easier to follow and understand. Excellent communication with the class.  Michelle was also excellent and helpful. Great Class.” Anthony M, PT M1 Dearborn MI 2014

“Thank you for providing another tool to work with in my practice.  Would love to come back for your other courses. You are a true inspiration.” Sowrabh, PT M1 Dearborn MI 2014

“Made very complex subject matter easy to understand.” Student M1 Dearborn MI 2014

“Very wonderful course . . . would take all of them in the future if available close by.  One of the few courses I have been to so far that flew by quickly because I was so into it; loved it” Jessie M, PT M1 Livingston MT 2014

“Thank you for an inspiring and educational course.  Sharing your personal journey really enhances the class.  It’s empowering for newer PTs to hear how things go in the ‘real world’, so thanks for that.  Looking forward to another course”  Annie T, PT M1 Livingston MT 2014

“Manual is excellent – contained all information taught and photos that allowed me to focus on the lecture vs taking notes.  Tom made it a point to get around to all participants and give feedback.  This promoted a very relaxed, unintimidating learning atmosphere.” Shirley, PT M1 Livingston MT 2014

“You are a GREAT encourager and teacher.  Your passion for your profession/techniques is a strong addition to the quality of education.  Ruth, PTA M1 Livingston MT 2014

“Great explanation and humor keeping all engaged and participating.  Very motivating to me and my career goals. Thank you for taking time to have lunch with me and get to know me so I can be a better person and practitioner.  I’d happily take another class in the future.  Can’t wait to learn more about EFT.” Lindsay, DPT M1 Livingston MT 2014

“Amazing first continuing education course.  I can’t wait to participate in M1 and others.  Thank you for taking the time to treat me as well.” Kristen R, PTA M2 Class Ypsilanti MI 2014

“Awesome course that clarified a lot of questions I had about MET. Thank you so much for helping me literally feel better than I have the past year!” Anna T, PT M2 Class Ypsilanti MI 2014

“I will be taking the M3 course sometime.  The information of techniques are usable in the clinic tomorrow and I already have patients I will use it on.” Sarah G, PT M2 Class Ypsilanti MI 2014

“I thought it was a great course. I like courses and instructors that make it sound OK to just try!  I will use the material because I know it won’t hurt anyone.” Deena C, OT M2 Class Ypsilanti MI 2014 Received via email: two days after the course:  “I just thought you’d want to know I used the muscle energy techniques on 2 of my wrist fractures and a 4 corner fusion/scaphoidectomy on Monday.  They absolutely loved it!  All three of them said, “OH MY GOD, WHAT DID YOU JUST DO?”  They all felt better and one of them increased as much as 15 degrees of wrist flexion.  Pretty excited to have this in my bag of tool.”

“I was slightly intimidated prior to taking the course about my skills as I am a PTA with no prior palpation experience. Felt very comfortable once course began. Tom and Michelle were very comfortable to talk to and helpful.”  John L, PTA, M2 Class, Ypsilanti MI 2014

“Tom is great. Very knowledgeable and able to teach! He has perfect demeanor, non-threatening and very patient as our heads are spinning.  Amazing that he has figured this all out and so willing to share to all.  The DVDs are great.  I was overwhelmed with cervical/thoracic course last year, so watched the lumbosacral DVD before coming to this class and it helped me so much.” Laura V., PT, M1 Class, Seattle WA 2014

“I really enjoyed your two MET courses in Seattle. I was a bit concerned that I might not learn anything new since I had been practicing MET for 11 years and had watched your videos many times.  Wow was I pleasantly surprised to find out how much I needed to fine-tune my MET skills. This week has been tremendous and patients have noticed big-time. After taking a course in London with chiros I thought I may have to learn HVLA manipulation. I now am absolutely convinced that there is no need. I can do all that is necessary with MET and get results without potential side effect that are possible from manipulation, like mild cases of death and strokes. Thanks for keeping me on the right path.  Howard, PT, M1 & M2 Class Seattle, WA 2014

“This is second time I have taken M1.  Tom is the best instructor I have ever had no matter the subject matter.  He is down to earth, extremely knowledgeable, highly experienced, and a great speaker.  He cares about all of his students which allows for a great learning environment. I don’t think I could find a better course any where in the world.  Thanks Tom for all your help and guidance.”  Bruno, PT, M1 University of Michigan 2014

“Fantastic instructor. He was able to explain the material in a simple form the way I understand.” Student, M1 University of Michigan 2014

“Great course, excellent layout and review of material.  I am going to recommend this class to all my fellow therapists.  Look forward to attending M2 in the future.  Thank you for helping me become a better clinician.”  Matthew, DPT M1 University of Michigan 2014

“Knowledgeable instructor.  Appreciated story of failings / coming to develop course.  Good intermixing of quotes / pictures / stories / anecdotes.” Student, M1 University of Michigan 2014

“I feel like this was the best cervical / thoracic / rib course I have taken.  Thank you so much for providing material and concepts that are easy (for the most part) to understand and I will honestly try to use with my supervising PT and incorporate in my treatment with our patients.”  Student, M2 Class Jefferson City, MO

“This is a great course.  Tom was very knowledgeable about the topic and kept things moving.  Enjoyed going from lecture to lab and helped to keep me interested.  Tom does a very good job answering questions and explaining the topic.”  Student, M2 Class Jefferson City, MO

“Please come back to this area or anywhere in the Midwest would be great!  I am very interested in taking all your remaining courses!  I felt this course was wonderful and not intimidating.”  Student, M2 Class Jefferson City, MO

“Great class!  Tom made some difficult and confusing information very understandable.  He used lots of examples and was available for questions.  Humor made it fun and enjoyable.”  Rebecca, PT, M1 Class Troy, NY

“Great course!  This really helped get me back on track with manual therapy, as I’ve unfortunately gotten away from it with busy schedules.”  Student, M1 Class Troy, NY

“I really appreciate Tom’s passion to share by offering free You Tube videos and references for EFT and his energy.”  Student, M1 Class Seattle, WA

“I thought there was a lot of good information covered in this class.  Will definitely try some techniques with my patients.  I was very interested in the TIPI information when dealing with the chronic pain population.  Would love to take another class with this presenter.”  Student, M1 Class Seattle, WA

“Great course right out of the gate!  Appreciate the didactic portion and feel it is absolutely important to understand.”  Brian M., PT, TIPI Class University of Michigan 2013

“Well done — I am using the EFT clinically since last year’s M3 course and feel grateful for the extra training/info this courses provided.  Thank you for all that you do to educate, share and inspire!”   Marcy B., PT, TIPI Class University of Michigan 2013

“Great background on the physiology of EFT beyond the energy thought, well researched.” Student, TIPI Class University of Michigan 2013

“Just wanted to say…thank you, thank you, thank you!  Your MET course on the pelvis/low back has made such a difference in my practice as a therapist. It’s amazing that something so simple can bring so much relief, often times in just one visit. I know many therapists, including myself, that have felt intimidated by treating backs. I can now say I am a much more confident therapist when it comes to treating these patients. I have even found it helpful in pt’s with leg or knee pain.  I really appreciate you spreading the knowledge!”  Colette G, PT, DPT

“As a male therapist I believe the course presented information this is very appropriate and will be helpful to any future patients.  I am satisfied with the knowledge received and I think going over the sacrum torsion with several examples was a good move.”  Eiton D, PT, M3 Class Ann Arbor 2013

“I could not even begin to describe how thankful and pleased I attended this class.  Tom is such a highly skilled, competent and proficient teacher at conveying his craft even to beginners.  For the last 6 – 7 years, I have struggled with understanding and appreciating MET/CS and after this class, I totally get it.  Thank you!”  Student M3 Class Ann Arbor 2013

“I enjoyed the course, expanded my eyes to new ways to look at muscle ROM and how to expand it to improve function with the use of the human body to put the body in it’s neutral alignment.”  Heather M, PT M1 Class Willoughby 2013

“I have been using parts of this technique for years and this course helped to solidify those theories for me.  Now I can take the information back to my colleagues in hopes to help a multitude of patients.”  Rebecca W, MPT M1 Class Willoughby 2013

“Excellent course — I’m excited to get to apply what I have learned to some of my patients.  Tom was immensely knowledgeable and very open and courteous when answering questions.  Never was he intimidating.  In addition to the ‘PT’ behind him name, I suggest he add G.E.N.I.U.S.”  Student M1 Class Willoughby 2013

“Thank you very much for your energy and dedication to the course.  I appreciate you openness and the sharing of your personal and clinical experiences.  You lit up a spark inside me to continue to be the best therapist I can be.”  Sanne D, CAT(C), M1 Class Alberta Calgary

“Tom, you are the Steve Jobs of the MET world.  You find new and innovative techniques which makes learning easier and more on target.  If you are not a legend yet you will be one day.  Can’t wait to learn the rest of the M-classes.  I will definitely use this information in my clinic.  Thanks so much!”  Eitan D, PT, M2 Class Ann Arbor 2013

“Tom was superb.  First CE instructor to cover material at a good pace without rushing at the end.  Michelle and Rob very helpful by making sure we had the technique correct.  All very intelligent, hard working and kind.”  Cyndi J, OT, M2 Class Ann Arbor 2013

“Thank you for the wonderful M2 class in Springfield this past weekend.  I was also in your M1 course in Springfield in October. I am especially appreciative of the fact that you have DVDs.  With my learning style, the manuals only make so much sense, I need to see and hear it over and over again.  I have been working on my breathing and have noticed more energy 🙂  I passed along your breathing and EFT videos to a craniosacral client who has unexplained hand and foot pain and no one can find anything wrong with her.”  Christine B., LMT, M1 Class Springfield 2013

“I really enjoyed the course and look forward to using the information soon.  I also wanted to say what a great thing it is that you share all your stories with us – I think as PTs we are the only ones who really listen to the patients sometimes, so the more PTs who really understand the link between physical pain and emotional issues the better. We are not just fixing injuries,many times we are “fixing” souls at the same time.  It is a huge testament to how effective the EFT work is that you can share your story to so many people and do it so gracefully.  I really appreciate your lack of ego in teaching this material also – you present it in such a way that it makes people feel comfortable and not intimidated to do the work.”  Jill N., PT, M2 Springfield OH 2013

“Tom rocks! Very knowledgeable and explains the reasons behind every technique while making it easy to understand.” Student, M2 Springfield, OH 2013

“Tom, I wanted to extend a personal ‘thank you’ as I got a tremendous amount from the course this past weekend. I’m really fired up about this technique and I’ve already attempted new stuff with my own patients. With success!! I’d like to be in the 5% column and truly apply what was taught. Appreciated your time and obvious passion, it was contagious. Take care.”  Nathan, ATC, M2 Class Seattle, WA 2013

“Tom made me feel very comfortable in the learning process.  Very patient and able to communicate well.  Loved this course and that I can purchase the DVD to take home to further my learning.  Excellent course.”  Stacy, M1 Class Seattle WA 2013

“I took M2 before M1 which worked but I certainly feel more complete after the M1 course.  My toolbox grew immensely with these techniques and I can’t wait to master them and help more patients.”  Jake, PT, M1 Class Seattle WA 2013

“Just sharing with you, with much thanks to you… The fabulous responses I am having with MET… Clients that I haven’t seen for some time are booking having heard rave reviews for other clients about my NEW techniques… I start with MET then massage and release any little TPs left and needles when required… Less painful treatments overall… Clients love it and the AWESOME results”  Lucy C., Australia, M1 and M2 Class 2013

“Thank you for all of your work in this area.  I have been to several CE courses over the years and am rarely able to use the techniques.  After M3 I began using (the techniques) and will for a long time after this one as well.”   Student, M1 Class Ypsilanti, MI 2013

“Very well taught course, sensitive to pace required by the group (faster or slower PRN).  Plenty of hands on time to practice and check with instructor.”  Brian, PT, M1 Class Ypsilanti, MI 2013

“Tom is an excellent teacher and I always look forward to attending his courses.  He is very knowledgeable and able to make the information easier to understand.  I definitely feel like I can use this info on Monday morning.”  Donna S., PT, M1 Class Washington Courthouse 2013

“Thank you for simplifying this technique to be user friendly – much more easy to use immediately then in 1994!  You have done a great job of re-analyzing it to teach.”  Marty J., PT, M1 Class Washington Courthouse 2013

“Thanks again for the great weekend and instruction.  I will see you in June for M2.  I used MET for 3 pts today (inflare, ischial up and down-slip, and pubic depression).  All resulted in positive outcomes!!” Mark  L., PT, M1 Class Univ of Michigan 2013

“Thank you Tom for the great learning experience. Last night I  had the chance to try some of the shoulder techniques on my wife who has worse forward head posture than mine. She told me she has had minimal pain and had the best night sleep last night. Thanks to your expert teaching.  I also have been pushing the proper breathing  techniques  to all my patients and to a senior citizen exercise group I lead.”   Ken L., PT, M2 Class Alpena MI 2013

“This course far exceeded my expectations and I would love to take an additional course with this instructor.  You made this very understandable and will be an invaluable tool in my belt for manual work.  Can’t wait to start using it tomorrow!”  Michele S., PTA, M1 Class Jefferson, MO 2012

“Appreciated time spent making sure we are palpating the proper landmarks.  Appreciated various ways of explaining the material – You are a great teacher.  Great manual – best one I’ve had in a long time.”  Debra B., PT, M1 Class Jefferson, MO 2012

“Can’t wait to try it!  OT’s can treat psycho-social, cognitive and healthy living training, so I feel I’ll be able to bill under these modalities.”  Cindy, OT TIPI Class Michigan 2014

“Excellent topic and great examples/stores shared from your years of experiences.”  Kait, TIPI Class Michigan 2014

“Course flowed nicely and made sense!  I’ve attended continuing education course put on by my company and they are terrible.  Your courses are easy to understand and interesting!  Thank you”  Courtney D, PTA TIPI Class Michigan 2014

“Good flow of material, not overwhelming and easy to follow.  Nice to get feedback while practicing techniques.”  Farah M, CAT(C), M1 Class Alberta Calgary

” I truly appreciate Tom’s support and encouragement. I often feel like I learn slower than other people and I process so much internally before able to verbalize and apply.  Thank you for helping me learn in a safe environment.”  Kim, PT, M2 Class Springfield OH 2013

“This was one of the most engaging course that I have been to.  I didn’t feel intimidated or nervous to ask questions.”  Student, M1 Class Ypsilanti, MI 2013

“Would like to repeat course once I put into practice.  Read about EFT in 90’s, very interested.  I am glad to hear it works.”  Lisa, PTA, ATC, M1 Class Washington Courthouse 2013

“I really enjoyed the course.  I thought it was great that some EFT material was included, it was like a bonus!”   Mayland, PTA, M1 Class Washington Courthouse 2013

“Opened my eyes to how much is missing in my practice.  Excellent knowledge to decrease time/visits with patients.”  Student, M1 Class Washington Courthouse 2013

“Nicely organized. Tom was great, personable, helpful and willing to spend his personal time to teach and treat at no cost.” Student, M2 Class Alpena MI 2013

“I am looking forward to enhancing my patient care skills and using this information.  That you again for all of your work in this area and making it less complicated for the rest of us.”  Lori G, PT, M2 Class Ann Arbor 2013

“You are an excellent teacher – organized, approachable, very helpful to have you show on slides, discuss, then demonstrate, then let us practice. ”  Student, M2 Class Seattle WA 2013

“Loved it!  Especially the format of anatomy and slides explanation, then a demonstration and further explanation.”  Student, M1 Class Wheeling, WV 2012

“SI finally made sense.  Very respectful and interactive with all questions.”  Heidi, PT M3 Class University of Michigan 2012

“Thought provoking weekend, excellent review of arthrokinematics.  Welcome the additional tools to use in the private practice/out patient setting.  Chris F., MPT, M1 Class Wheeling, WV 2012

“Awesome class — extremely helpful.  Thank you for making this as dummy proof as possible!”  Cyndi L., PT, M1 Class Jefferson, MO 2012

“Tom, My thanks to you. After several decades and literally hundreds of cont. ed. ‘stuff’ it’s great to real in the reigns and add a bit of structure to the ‘eval and treat’ routine. Have treated 3 cervicalgia patients thus far with the MET — great success — even when one patient’s  primary pathology was a torn rotator cuff.  Good stuff Maynard!  Loved the humor — hopefully I wasn’t the only one laughing…. Take care.  Looking forward to M1.”  Ken D., PT, M2 Class Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital 2012

“Thank you so much for teaching the way therapists think!  I have been very intimidated by cervical and would not even consider touching a thoracic vertebrae and now I can not wait to try!” Lynne P, OT, M2 Class Willoughby 2012

“I was looking for that missing piece and some inspiration!  You definitely filled that for me and inspired me to know more.” – Lisa A., PT, M1 Class Mill Creek WA 2012

“Excellent class.  I was glad to learn about paradoxal positions.  I will use this knowledge in the future.  It is also great that instructor is willing to stay in touch and guide in the future.  I am very glad I took it and will recommend the class to others.”- Lilly B., PT, M1 Class Mill Creek WA 2012

“This is my fourth MET course for the sacrum but the first in over 12 years.  Loved the alternative tx’s and the removal of manipulations.  Loved it!  Renewed a strong belief in the power and efficacy of MET (was always one of my favorite techniques, but now even more so).”  Eileen K, PT. – M1 Class Troy NY 2012

“He was very laid back, personal and funny. He made it a lot simpler than other books I have read on the topic. Explained and demonstrated topic well. Gave me good ideas to help Rx myself.” Joanie C.- M1 Class Urbana 2012

“This course was so much more than a review. I have a better understanding for the theory, anatomy and techniques then what was learned in school. I would and will recommend this course and instructor to all colleagues.” – Kim D. – M1 Class Circleville 2012

“Excellent presentation and Tom is very good at making a complex concept, significantly less complex.  I am not overwhelmed and honestly think that I can begin to feel competent with MET!  His personal stories, humor and lack of arrogance make him an excellent instructor.” K. J. S., PT – M1 Class Montana 2012

“Once again, you made a difficult topic easy to understand and immediately put into practice. You have an amazing gift for teaching and communication.” – Mike D. – M2 Class, Willoughby OH 2011

“Tom is an excellent instructor. He facilitates an intense learning process while also facilitating conversation and good dialogue. He is clearly passionate about the material / techniques and very learned—instilling great confidence in the learning process.” – Tania W. – M2 Class, Willoughby OH 2011

“Awesome! Bring on M3 and M4 and anything else you create. I feel as though I have inside knowledge on my contemporaries and that my clients and athletes are better for it.  Incredible educational experience.” – M2 Attendee – M2 Class, Ontario Canada 2011

“Great course!  Unlike most of my courses at PT school, I feel like I can take this knowledge and apply it in clinical practice right away!  Oh, and unlike PT school courses, I actually see results with this material!!!” – Mia D., PT –  M2 Class, Ontario Canada 2011

“I have gotten really great feedback from the staff.  I think you have really changed the way we practice.  I have not been this excited about learning and performing new techniques in a long time.  You have really inspired me.  Hopefully we can have you back again next year for the M2 course.” – Michelle R. PT, DPT, ATC Bucyrus Ohio 2011

“Incredible experience! As a University student I was nervous about whether I could keep up with the course and its potentially complex content.  I found that the personality and skill of Tom allowed a level surface for learning while surrounded by people with over a decade or more experience.  I couldn’t be happier with the experience!” – James M.  Ontario Canada 2011

“We laughed as we learned…what a concept!”

Internationally Recognized Physical Therapist, Teacher and Author Tom Ockler, P.T. Tom Ockler, P.T. is a highly sought after international presenter who gives continuing education courses demonstrating his techniques to eliminate musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.


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