Seminar Testimonials

“Excellent course that was well taught.  Explanations were simple and easy to follow.  Techniques were complex at first but made more sense with repetitions.” Student, Mayfield Hts., OH 2023

“Love, love, love this class! Dynamic speaker, energetic, knowledgeable and fun! Thank you for sharing your knowledge, I can’ wait to try it.” Keri, DPT TIPI Willoughby, OH 2023

“Tom provided valuable information that I can use immediately in my practice as a massage therapist working with world class athletes.  His ability to provide complex information in the most simple, understandable way is absolutely amazing.”  Tamerra, MT Mayfield Hts., OH 2023

“Thank you!!! You made all the material much less intimating and give us permission to make mistakes without fearing hurting someone.  All the materials and your teaching methods are excellent.” Charlene, PT Mayfield Hts., OH 2023

“This course is very helpful for me to treat patients as I do treat chronic pain all day long. Also learned EFT technique which is interesting. Will take your TIPI class for sure.  It was a fun class. Thank you for the experience.” Student, Mayfield Hts., OH 2023

“I can in this class just thinking about getting my CEU and nothing more.  However, I am beyond glad that I made the trip. This class is so insightful, the amount of knowledge that Thomas knows is crazy. I am so excited to take this new amazing information to my patients. Thank you for your time.” Hunter, PTA Mayfield Hts., OH 2023

“Excellent course! I look forward to using this info/techniques in my practice as well as taking additional courses.” Maria, PT Mayfield Hts., OH 2023

“Very useful tool for patients who can’t tolerate more aggressive manual techniques, taking into account chronic pain and effects on body.  Very fun and interactive teacher! Comfortable with using techniques in clinic.” Student M1 Madison Hts., MI

“I found this course completely by random chance / search and initially balked at the cost. I am so glad I enrolled, it was worth every cent!! Tom is such an excellent and passionate instructor, he makes me want to be a better clinician. I look forward to taking future courses.” Jenn, PT M2 Mayfield Hts., OH 2019

“Tom has presented a topic, normally confusing and mentally exhausting, brought it down to the basics and took the fear out of using the technique. I would recommend his course 100%. He took time out at the end to help correct my issue which was not topic of course. Thank you so much for being passionate and super helpful!” Susan, PT M2 Mayfield Hts., OH 2019

“This course helped me to actually understand how to evaluate and treat the pelvis which has proven quite difficult for me to learn in the past. Great instructor! I feel ready to start with everything learned on Monday.” Student M1 Charleston, WV 2019

“Very humble instructor who is willing to listen and answer questions. Information provided in different terms that create a more conducive learning environment. Text is very descriptive. Cody, PT M1 Roseburg. OR 2019

“Eye opening course. Wish I had it long ago . . . would love to call back old patients to try these approaches! I do wish there were some recommendations for home exercises that might reinforce/stabilize after correction.”  Ann, PT M2 Seattle, WA 2019

“Covered all your bases.  I wasn’t left wondering: ‘well, what about this scenario’, you already thought of it.  The language made it much easier to grasp very difficult / challenging material. Loved the chronic pain content — so relevant, especially treating spines all day! Lots of new tools in my box!! Thank you!” Student M1 Willoughby 2019

“Appreciate your transparency with your intentions of disseminating this info and sharing your personal failures and successes as examples of what this course represents. Thanks, Tom” Chad, PT M1 Willoughby 2019

“I took the MET course for Thorax, Cervical and Ribs with you quite a few years ago in Hamilton Ontario. Just want to tell you that the MET stuff rocks, especially the ones for the cervical, thoracic and Ribs! I am actually amazed at how many times I have gotten spectacular results working on the Ribs. My clients are amazed too! Thank you for keeping the courses affordable and for making me almost a miracle worker!” Mia, PT via email

“I attended your lumbar-pelvic course last year and I feel like I should send you a thank you card every time I use your techniques. They are so easy to perform for the patient and myself and they work! I had a patient that I started working with last week that had sciatica pain and was walking a with a limp. The 1st thing he said to me is “I’m only doing PT so my insurance will approve my MRI.” We started with the normal low back ROM exercises, stretching and core strengthening as the PT had ordered. I then had him get on the table and went through the process of checking alignment and found that he had a right up slip. I made the necessary corrections. The guy sits up and looks me straight in the eye says “ what kind of voodoo did you just do?” His foot no longer had pins and needles and he only had mild tenderness in his buttocks. He came in the next treatment and only needed a mild correction and called his doctor to say he wanted to cancel the MRI. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the physical therapy world!” Luke, LPTA via email

Internationally Recognized Physical Therapist, Teacher and Author Tom Ockler, P.T. Tom Ockler, P.T. is a highly sought after international presenter who gives continuing education courses demonstrating his techniques to eliminate musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.


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