Training Material Testimonials

"Tom, Your material and training has been an excellent addition to my practice making a great difference to my patients/clients. I hope to take another course with you soon." Steve M., PT via email

"I was reading through the manual for MET for the pelvis and lumbar area from your class and once more appreciating the great work and clarity that your course and material provided on this area. Just so appreciate everything the course had to offer."  Bill E, PT via email

"Your course material is absolutely outstanding. It's very systematic, clearly written, excellent pictures. I love the repeat throughout, like the X SS goes deeper as it should, moving a boat through mud, red flags, cheat rules etc etc. Excellent work.  It's still a difficult concept though (for me), but you make it so much easier to understand." Jeanette B, RMT – Canada

"I'm a physical therapist and recently purchased your MET dvds to help with our departments education. After watching them several times, I've had the opportunity to use several of the techniques with pretty good success. Recently, I was at a football practice watching my sons when a friend of my mentioned his shoulder was bothering him and wanted me to look at it. Obviously this was not a good place to do a full blown shoulder eval so I did the general shoulder technique from your dvd and it fixed him instantly! Needless to say, he was happy and so was I.  Thanks for the very informative dvds, I think as I practice more on the techniques, it will open up a new world of options for my patients."  Ray H, PT

"The pelvis dvd came today and it's superb. I shall study and put it to use immediately.  I wish it had been available for me as an undergraduate." Roger K., DO – Austrailia

"Thanks for the great information and dvd's you have.  I've been using MET for several years and recently have changed over to your system (some changes from other seminars I've taken) and yours is so much more effective.  I work with the US Soccer Federation and recently helped the women's under 20 national team win the world cup in Japan. I've been traveling with them for over a year and getting off the plane for long rides = my appointments and treatment table is filled up."  Elysia T., M.Ed., ATC

"My summary is that this is a high quality DVD; Tom Ockler has the ability to explain each chapter in detail and in a very relaxed, enthusiastic and confident manner. The cost of the DVD is not much in relation to the amount of information clearly communicated. I highly recommend this DVD for all manual therapists who wish to learn about Muscle Energy Technique."  Review by Allan H.,ATMS Australia

"I have purchased both DVDs on MET and I have found them to be amazing.  I have started little by little, but today I had a client with long term mid spine pain.  I just felt it was one of the calliper ribs stuck out, and with the help of your DVD and my laptop I managed to kill the pain for my client.  It is amazing and she never felt a thing.  Do you have any plans to come to England to run a seminar in the near future?  We could really do with your help."  Mary K., Therapist – England

"I must say you really did a great job with the DVDs. I've really enjoyed watching them and I finding it hard to put them down at times.  Wlilliam B.

"I purchased your pelvis/lumbar DVD last week and absolutely love it. Great job, excellent video. I look forward to learning and applying ME on my patients."  Jay M., Chiropractor

"I am a physiotherapist down under in Melbourne, Australia. I just purchased your M1 DVD for the Sacram and fell in love with it! You explained things so systematically and concisely and so clearly, it was fantastic. I watched it over this weekend, so can't wait to get to work on Monday (that's a first isnt it!) to try it all out! I ordered the second DVD as well, so can't wait to get that either. Keep up the amazing work and thank you for your DVDs."  Vinnie K, Physiotherapist

"I received your dvd today and am thoroughly enjoying it! The quality is excellent with great animations.  The sign of a great teacher is the ability to take info that can be confusing at times and make it seem simple and readily useable in the clinic. You have definitely achieved that goal. I look forward to getting to take your seminars in the near future."  Rob S., PT

"Thank you for producing a great DVD in MET with Real bodywork.  It has helped a ton with my patients."  Sean W., MS,ATC,LMT,ART,PES,CES

"Just finished your 2 new videos on Muscle Energy Techniques and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed them. Great information and the way you teach is fantastic! Very easy to understand and comprehend. Thank you for putting this info out there . . . I know I will use these techniques daily with my clients and will encourage my students to purchase your DVDs."  Stephanie P., Massage Therapist

"I purchased your 2 DVD's and love them . . . I have many many videos and yours is the easiest to absorb, it must be your manner. As you say in the end , you can't simply watch and grasp."  Chris P.

"Had to take a minute to say THANK YOU for 2 such amazing videos. The content, tips, videos and images were just excellent. Thank you for making this topic/material so accessible and a pleasure to watch. Well done!!!"  Sue D., OTR/L

Internationally Recognized Physical Therapist, Teacher and Author Tom Ockler, P.T. Tom Ockler, P.T. is a highly sought after international presenter who gives continuing education courses demonstrating his techniques to eliminate musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.


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